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in a week

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Q: When is boxer naseem hamed next fight?
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When is prince naseem next fight?

his next fight is on 21 Febuary 2010. It is at the o2 areana in London

When is amir khans next fight?

He fights Ukrainian boxer Andriy Kotelnik on June 27th for Kotelnik's WBA Light-welterweight title.

What professional boxer won his first fight by decision then won his next fifty fights by KO?

It was not 50, it was 43 or 44, depending on the source you go by. LaMar Clark is the boxer your looking for.

What is Floyd Mayweather streak?

39 - 0 (25 kos). next fight in the 19th of september.

When is Don Frye's next fight?

When is Don Frye's next fight?

It is possible to become a famous boxer?

It is absolutely possible to become a famous boxer. Every boxer that is famous had to start somewhere. You could be the next Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When is brock lesners next fight in UFC?

his next fight is with mark colemen

When is Floyd Mayweather's next fight?

19th of September 2009 (11 days away from this answer being posted)

What is boxer's sole ambition?

A boxer's sole ambition is to be the greatest champion of their time. Boxers are always hoping to attain the next trophy.

Who is the guest host on RAW next week?

a boxer that has deafeated the big show

What is boxer looking forward to at the end of summer next year?

retirement with benjamin

When is Shane mosleys next fight?

as of September 2009, no fight is scheduled for mosley.

Who earned the most money as a heavyweight boxer?

i think holyfield, with probably Lewis next and then Tyson.

Who will Cain Velasquez fight next?


When is Phil mitchell next fight?


Who will undertaker fight next and when?

No one knows...

Is there a fight between Justin Bieber an Chris Brown?

No, the 'fight' is just acting in the MV Next to you.

What is The next line Texas fight Texas fight and it's goodbye to a and m Texas fight Texas fight?

And we'll put over one more win.

What will happen if the greasers with the next fight against the Soc in chapter 6?

If the greasers win the next fight then the socs will feel embarrassed and leave them alone OR they will want a rematch.

When is george st pierre's next fight?

GSP Next fight hasn't been announced yet. He has fought and defeated all the top contenders in the UFC's Welterweight division. His most recent fight was against Nick Diaz at the UFC 158 in March 2013 which he won by unanimous decision. His next fight will be announced soon by UFC and made known to the public.

Who does el canelo fight next?

feck u

Who is Batman going to fight in the next movie?


When is brock lesnars next fight?

December 30th

Who will naruto fight next in Shippuden?

Probably Madara

How do you win in a snowball fight?

i know how to get to snowball fight go to the door next to the snowboard door and then it will take you there