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When his/her chest crosses the finish line.

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At the end

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Q: When is a runner across the finish line?
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Identify the type of adjective in the following sentence The exhausted marathon runner ran across the finish line?

Participle Adjective

How do you use the word soonest the right way?

She was the soonest to finish the assignment. The red car was the soonest across the finish line.

What are the paradoxes of Zeno?

They have to do with the nature of infinity. The most well known is the Runner's. If a runner thinks that a race is about going to the midpoint of the race and then the midpoint after that, he'll never finish. He'll complete 50%, then 75%, but will never reach the finish line. He can only get infinitely close.

What Formula 1 driver pushed his car across the finish line at a Grand Prix race in Texas?

Nigel Mmansell tried to, but he passed out in the heat prior to the finish line

Are many and these adverbs?

No. Adverbs are words that describe a verb, like 'I ran quickly across the finish line.':)

what is the verbal description for 0.25r + 0.6s?

Verbal description for 0.25r plus 0.6s is "A burst of speed leaves the runner as they approach the finish line."

The past tense of the boys race for the finish line?

The boys raced for the finish line.

What year did Derek Redmond have his dad help him across the finish line in the Olympics?

1992 Games in Barcelona in the 400 meter dash.Click on the 'Derek Redmond - 1992 Olympics' link below to see a video of the race and of him and his father crossing the finish line together.

How many miles must a runner complete to finish a marathon?


What is a stolon that forms across the top of the ground?

It a Runner

A stolon that forms across the top of the ground is a?


When was From Finish to Starting Line created?

From Finish to Starting Line was created in 2001.