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The offense can punt the ball at any time (on any down not just 4th) from behind the line of scrimmage. Once they punt the ball the other team must touch it before they can touch it again. If the punting team touches the punt first it is downed at that very spot and given to the other team.

If a punt goes out of bounds it is given to the other team where it went out and if it goes untouched into the endzone it is put on the 20yd line and the other team takes over.

Anyone not just a player listed as a punter can punt the ball. In high school football it is common to line up in a shot-gun formation on 4th down and then have the quarter back quick punt the ball. This sometimes tricks the defense into thinking the offense is attempting to get a 1st down and they may not have someone back to run back the punt. It can also be used just in case the defense does line up in a normal punt return formation and then the quarter back makes a quick choice after taking the snap as to whether he will go for the first down or kick the ball away.

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A punt attempt can be made on any down.

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Q: When is a punt allowed in football?
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Is a punt receiver in a football game allowed to block the person running down the field to tackle him or block him from downing the football if the receiver lets the punt go?

Yes, though this is not usually seen often due to the punt receiver's focus being only on catching the ball.

What is a punt in football?

A punt in football tends to be when the football is hit with the toes, rather then the inside of the foot or the laces of the boot. Punt is sometimes used to describe hitting the ball very hard and out of control. 'punt it' upfield, rather then pass it upfield. Punt also is a slang term for putting a bet on. 'having a punt on the horses'

What is the average distance of a punt in college football?

30.4 yards per punt

A team is allowed how many tries to make a first down?

a football team gets four downs. but mostly they punt or kick a feild goal on the 4th or fake a run or the could have fake punt pass

How can you punt kick in football soccer?

with foot

What is the position pro in football?

Punt Returner

What do most football teams do on the fourth down?

They punt.

Can you fair catch for a touchback on a punt?

No, it is not possible or allowed.

Are fake punts allowed?

Yes. In the NFL any team is allowed to fake a punt.

Who holds the longest punt in high school football in Ohio?

I was a punter for a team in Ohio in 1998 and my longest punt was 75 yards.

Can you punt a football father then a scocer ball?

really you cant cause a soccerball is round and a football is not round

How do you beat bugs vs daffy football?

you only punt the ball