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Never because there is no green card.

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Q: When is a green card issued in soccer?
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What is a green card in soccer?

there is no green card used in soccer. However in field hockey a green triangle represents a warning.

What does the soccer green card mean?

a green card is just a warning

In soccer what is a yellow card and a red card?

In soccer a yellow card is issued as a warning for committing a foul that is not so serious. A red card on the other hand is issued for serious offences or for someone who had received a yellow card earlier.

What does a green card mean in soccer?

Green card in soccer means that when a player respects the referees' decision and be a sportsmanship person

If you are a US citizen do you carry a green card?

No. A green card is issued to foreign nationals residing in the US.

Can a permanent resident give some else a green card?

no a green card must be issued by the government

Can a green card be ordered returned if divorce starts after the green card is issued?

Yes, if the marriage was made in bad faith.

When does a green card expire?

The permanent resident card (green card) once issued is valid for 10 years.It has to be renewed to have the valid green card. For renewal Form I-90 should be filed with USCIS.

If you have a relative in the US can you get a green card?

Yes provided that relative is a permanent resident or green card holder or a US citizen. Once they petition for relative depending on the eligibility and availability of visa the relative would be issued a immigrant visa to enter US after which will be issued green card.

Is there a limitation to continuous stay in USA by a green card holder?

A Green Card is issued for a 10 years period. You can keep on renewing it as long as you want. So there is no limitation on how long you can continuously in USA with a green card.

How do you get a greencard?

There are numerous method to acquire a US green card through:employment,a family membermarriage.Individuals who have already obtained a green card may require the green card to be replaced, renewed or perhaps it is time to remove the conditions on your Conditional Green Card issued based marriage. Immigration Direct guides you through the Green Card process making it simple, secure and affordable.

What does it mean if a soccer player is issued with a red card?

they get ejected from the game, the team has to play a man down, and the player with a red card cant play in the next game.

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