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when a try is held up, when there is knock on

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Q: When is a five meter scrum awarded in rugby?
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What are some terms used in rugby?

scrum , knock on , tight five , rush defence , low center of gravity , attacking the gain line , crash ball , maul

When did a rugby try change from four points to five?

The points awarded for a rugby union try changed from 4 points to 5 in 1992. A rugby league try is still worth 4 points.

The history behind calling the position five-eighth in rugby union?

the 1st and 2nd five eighths come between the scrum half and the wing three quarters. So 5/8 comes between 1/2 and 3/4

How to play rugby?

The object of the game is to score more points than the opposition. Points are accumulated through scoring a try (five points), a penalty (three points), a drop goal (three points) or conversion (two points). Details of how these points are awarded can be found in in the scoring guide. The attacking team strives to move forward by kicking, passing or running with the ball in hand, but when the ball is being passed, it may not travel forward. If it does then a scrum is awarded to the opposition

What is five sixths of a meter?

5/6 meter 0.8333333... meter

When ca you play rugby leag?

you can play rugby league for a club at five years to whatever

Why in a rugby league scrum can the scrum half feed the ball directly to his back row and not into the channel between the front rows?

He's not supposed to at any time, but it happens so often - virtually every time - I can see where the question comes from. Scrums in league simply aren't that important. It's a method of getting the ball back into play quickly with the forwards tied up briefly. You do sometimes see the ball taken against the feed, but I've seen that maybe five times in twenty-five years of watching the game.

In rugby union what does first five do?

you get smashed bro

Who is the best first five for rugby?

Daniel Carter

What sport can you see at the Tournament of the Five Nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a rugby competition.

Who won the Six Nations Championship in rugby in 2009?

Ireland won it by winning all five games they competed in they also were awarded the gram slam that year as well as the triple crown for beating England Scotland and wales

What number represent three and five tenths meter?

3.5 of a meter

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