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WWE Survivor Series will be in Boston, MA. It will be at TD Banknorth Garden. The date is November 23, 2008. The time is 7:45pm.

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Q: When is WWE Survivor Series going to happen?
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When did WWE Survivor Series - video game - happen?

WWE Survivor Series - video game - happened in 2004.

Who is the WWE champ after survivor series?

The wwe champ after survivor series is Randy Orton. He retained his title.

When was WWE Survivor Series - video game - created?

WWE Survivor Series - video game - was created on 2004-10-12.

Will john be fired at survivor series?

I doubt that the wwe is going to do that because he's a very valuable wrestler to the them. He's one of the money makers for the wwe.

What is batista going to do in 2008?

He will win thr Rumble and then the WWE championship and keep it until around survivor series

Is john cena going to return to WWE?

no because he is fired because randy Orton won survivor series

What was the WWE theme song for the WWE survivor series 2002?

"Always" By Saliva

Will john cena leave WWE after the survivor series?

Yes he is gone from wwe

Who won survivor series in WWE?

john cena

When will the WWE return to msg?

Survivor Series 2012

What are the release dates for WWE Survivor Series 2009 - 2009 TV?

WWE Survivor Series 2009 - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 22 November 2009

Who will be the new WWE champion at survivor series?

no one knows exept WWE producers.