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He married with Olalla Dominguez Liste in May 2009

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Q: When is Torres and olalla getting married?
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Who is Torres married to?

Olalla Domínguez Liste.

Who is Torres girlfriend?

Olalla Torres

Who is Fernando Torres girl friend?

he married his wife, Olalla Dominguez Liste, on May 27, 2009. He has been in a relationship with Olalla since 2001.

How old is Olalla Torres?

Olalla Dominguez Torres, wife of Fernando Torres, is 32 years old (born January 1, 1985).

Why did fernando torres and olalla break up in 2006?

olalla tried to suck Torres dick and tried to have sex with him so she started bouncing on her back and Torres went on top of her and she started make sex voice and Torres dumped her so when they got to gather olalla had just had her baby so Torres snoged olalla and started having sex again im Torres fan and iv been to his house to see him and to have tea there with him and it was fun there. :) :) :) im a big fan of Torres :) :) i love Torres . Torres has kissed me on the check before

Are Olalla and Fernando Torres married or engaged to be married?

They were engaged to be married in 2006, but then they broke up. Now they are back together again and he proposed to her a few days after the Euro 2008

How old is Leo Torres?

Leo Torres, son of Fernando Torres and Olalla Torres, was born December 10, 2010.

How tall is olalla?

well she she is not that tall but she is pretty and she has a kid called Nora and she is really cute and Torres had sex with olalla to have Nora who is 6months and 21 days and im a big fan of Torres and Gerard :) :) :)

Who is Fernando Torres married to?

Fernando Torres married Olalla Domínguez Liste on 27th, May, 2009 in El Escorial, Community of Madrid, with whom he has been in a relationship with since 2001. It was revealed in February 2009 that the couple was expecting a baby, which they later confirmed to be a girl. Olalla gave birth to a daughter, Nora Torres Domínguez, on 8th, July, 2009 at the Hospital La Rosaleda Compostelan, in Santiago de Compostela. Olallas hometown

Is Fernando Torres living with his girlfriend?

Yes, his girlfriend Olalla moved in with him.

Have Fernando Torres kissed any other girl than olalla?


Where is olalla Torres birth country?

Santiago de Compostela, Spain.