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ufc 128 or ufc 129 to verse Bobby lashley

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Q: When is Batista first fight in UFC?
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Is batista going to fight in the UFC?

Yes, look it up on a search engine

Is batista still wrestle?

no. he is in UFC

How come batista never had a fight in the MMA yet?

Originally Batista had set up a deal with strikeforce, but since strikeforce was bought by UFC prior this contract, there was never any deal made

Is batista still in the UFC?

Batista was never in the UFC. He left the WWE to pursue a career in MMA and has even fought once. But, he has not joined UFC yet. UFC usually offers contracts to fighters with a solid profile and a win-loss record. So, if Batista manages to win his next few fights against high profile names, he may get into the UFC.

When will Dave Batista have his first fight in the UFC?

As of now, Never. Dave Batista has just started his mixed martial arts career but he is already more than 40 years old. UFC is the top MMA fighting promotion in USA and it usually hires only the top MMA fighters. Batista's MMA Career has just begun and he may have to win a few more high profile fights in order to join the UFC. If he wins a few more big fights, UFC would be more than happy to offer him a contract.

Is batista going to UFC?

Yes, there is a video on youtube where he is having an interview and he said he is going to the ufc.

What city was UFC first fight held?

Denver, Colorado

What are kimbo slices UFC fight stats?

Kimbo Slice is no longer part of the UFC roster. He used to fight in the UFC but left them in 2010. He is currently a professional boxer. He had only one fight in the UFC which he lost. The fight was at UFC 113 against Matt Mitrione which he lost by TKO. He did not fight for UFC again after that.

Why don't females fight in the UFC?

Maybe because it was thought that UFC was dangerous for women. But, this isn't true. Recently women have started to fight in the UFC. In fact one of the recent UFC events - UFC 157 was headlined by the fight between Ronda Rousey Vs. Liz Carmouche for the UFC Womens Bantamweight championship which Rousey won in the first round by submission (arm-bar)

When batista will come back on WWE?

well in 2008 Dave Batista said the two words we all thought we would never hear, "I quit". Dave had debuted in the ufc (Ultimate Fighter Championship). Batista might come back if he retires from the UFC

When is batista coming back in 2011?

He's not. But it is rumored that he might be joining UFC.

How do you get on the ufc?

Learn to fight.

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