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Q: When in September does football season start?
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When does football season start?

It starts in september.

When does college football start 2009 season?

September 5th.

Why does the English football season start in august?

because it doesnt start in september haha

When does the new NCAA football season start?

September 2, 2010

When does the NCAA football season 2011 2012 start?

September 1

What date will the 2010 2011 football season start?

September 10, 2010

When does the 2008-09 football season start?

Beginning of August is the Training camp but Regular season starts in early september The season never starts in September

What day in September is the first day of the 2011 football season?

it dosent start in september. it starts in the middle of august

What date will season 2007 2008 football start?

In the Fall like September and october.

What date will 2010-2011 NCAA college football season start?

September 2nd

When will the college football 2013-2014 season start?

In the first week of September. Go Tigers!

When does the KU Football season start?

The 2013 Kansas University Football season starts on September the 7th 2013. The Kandsas Jayhawks are playing South Dakoata University in Lawrence Kansas.