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Q: When in August does the premiership start?
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When does the 2012 premiership season start?


When does 2010 2011 premiership start?

It will start on the second week of August.

When does the 2012 premiership start?

well the premiership is 2011/2012, it starts at the end of august 2011 and continues :)

When does the English premiership start 2010?

The E.P.L starts on on 14 August 2010.

When does premiership football start 2009-2010?

Middle of August usually around the 20th. Think the schedule for the matchs is out on the 17th of June

When does the 2008-2009 premiership season start in England?

Peremiership 2008/2009 Starts Aug 16th/17th. Charity Shield on August 10th.

What is the date of the opening premiership fixtures for 2009?

15 August.

Who was the first black player to score in the premiership?

Brian Deane, scorer of the first goal in Premiership history, back in August 1992.

In which season did the fa premiership start?


What premiership football clubs start with p?


Who has has the best ever start to a premiership season?


When did English premiership football start?

In season 1992/93.