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your rotator cuff

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Q: When i throw a baseball it hurts in my elbow what is it?
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When i throw in baseball my elbow and directly above it hurts What am i doing wrong?

You have probably threw it out or hurt it trying to throw curve balls

Why does your elbow hurt only when you throw a baseball hard. Never hurts after throwing or during weight training. Does not hurt during warm up throws.?

Cause you most likely snapped your elbow to hard

Today i fell on my elbow it hurts like a bruise would but if you look at my elbow you cant see a bruise it only hurts in certain parts of my elbow but not all the time What is wrong with my elbow?

maybe u sprained it

What hurts more getting shot in the knee or in the elbow?

Knee by far. The knee has a lot of nerves that the elbow doesn't have

Why do you have Pain in muscle in right arm from shoulder to front of elbow?

Why do you have Pain in muscle in right arm from shoulder to front of elbow???? that is my problem too...i play baseball and im 14...when ever i throw the ball my shoulder and elbow start to hurt really bad...then after 1 or 2 more throws my muscles in my arm start giving me alot of pain and with start going numb from shoulder to hand..when its like this it hurts alot when i try to grab my bat even hurts to try and make a fist and grab something...ive been trying to figure out what my problem is.please help

What is the 'elbow' on a basketball court?

The elbow is at both ends of the free throw line where it intersects with the side of the key.

Can you get nerve damage in your finger from throwing a baseball?

I suffered finger numbness after pitching, was the ulna nerve, (funny bone), surgical fix at the elbow.. Can still throw.

What are the symptoms of a torn ligament or torn tendon in the elbow from baseball?

A sore elbow

What happens when you pull an arm muscles when dissecting a chicken?

your arm hurts then you go to a real doctor and get some medicine for your tennis elbow.

How do you throw a muay Thai elbow?

first , your hand and fingers must be straight.second , you dont throw it with your arm,but with your entire body.the whole motion must come from your hips.

Why does my elbow hurt when pitching. im 14 years old and it hurts when ever I pitch and its been hurting for half a year?

There can be many reasons why an elbow on a 14 year old can hurt. It could be tennis elbow or a problem in the joint. If it has been hurting for a half year, it is best to see a doctor.

If you are Hit by a baseball in the side?

It probably hurts.