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The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 1907 and 1908.

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Q: When have Chicago Cubs ever won World Series?
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Have the Chicago Cubs ever won a World Series?

Yes. The Chicago Cubs won two world Series titles in 1907, and 1908.

Did the chiago cubs ever win the World Series?

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 1907 and 1908.

Did the Chicago Cubs ever win the World Series?

Yes, they did. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 1907 and 1908.

Have the Cubs ever won the World Series?

The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series twice. They won in 1907 and in 1908.

Ernie Banks ever win a World Series Ring?

Nope. Banks played his entire career with the Chicago Cubs, who never won a World Series while Banks was playing.

What baseball team has not won a world series in 100 years?

I conclude you're asking about the Chicago Cubs, who have not won a Series since 1908. There are teams that have not EVER won a series, but they have not been in existence for the last 100 years.

Did the cubs ever go to the World Series?

they have been 10 time and won twice.

The Cubs will ever win the World Series?

They will oneday. They just need the perfect team.

Has the Chicago White Sox ever won the world series?

Through the 2009 season, the Chicago White Sox have won 3 World Series - 1906 ... Did the padres ever throw a no hitter? What company provides baseballs for ...

Has the cubs ever won the world series?

Yes, in 1907 and again in 1908. They have not won it since that time.

What year did the billygoat curse the cubs?

That was in 1909 and the Chicago Cubs have been over powered by the Chicago White Sox ever since.

Have the White Sox ever lost to the Cubs?

Yes they have. However the White Sox do have a slightly better head to head record than the Cubs. The Sox have beat the Cubs 37 times and the Cubs have beat the Sox 35 times (since the inception of interleague play), as of the beginning of the 2010 season. However, when it counted the most way back in 1906 when the two teams played each other in the City's only Cross-Town World Series to date; The Mighty White Sox beat the heavily favored Cubs 4 games to 2 to win the White Sox AND the City of Chicago its very FIRST World Series Championship. The Cubs have not won a World Series title since 1908. That's 102 years ago! This is the longest such drought for a franchise in all of sports. The Cubs haven't appeared in a World Series since 1945.

Have the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs ever played each other before?

I believe that the last time they played (before this year... June 10-12, 2005 at Wrigley) was in the 1918 World Series. The Red Sox won.

What teams is better the St. Louis Cardinals or the Chicago Cubs?

My opinion is the Cubs but it depends on what year, this year I think the cubs are better according to the player stats. <----- to who ever said the cubs are better, screw you. the cubs even claim st. louis to be baseball heaven. to the original poster of the question, compare the team records and decide for yourself. the fact of the matter remains that the cards have won more world series' than the cubs and year for year the cards have a better win/loss record period.

Did Jackie Robinson ever want to play for the Chicago Cubs?


Who ever worn 19 for the Chicago Cubs?

Manny Trillo, one of my favorite Cubs, wore it both times he played for them.

What is the longest losing streak in Chicago Cubs history?

In 1997, the Cubs started the season 0-14, with the 14 game losing streak being their longest ever.

What was the worst loss the Chicago Cubs ever had?

Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS better known as the "Bartman Game"

Did Frank Thomas ever receive a World Series ring?

Yes, in 2005 when the Chicago White Sox beat the Houston Astros, 4 games to 0.

What was the biggest World Series upset of all time?

1906 - The Chicago White Sox over the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs won 116 games that season and still hold the MLB record for season's winning percentage. The White Sox won 93 games. 1924 - The Washington Nationals over the New York Giants. The Giants were in their fourth consecutive World Series. The perenially losing Nats were in their first ever. Two bad hop singles and a catcher stepping in his face mask and dropping a foul ball allowed the Nats to win Game 7. 1969 - The New York Mets over the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles won 109 games that season.

What extraordinary baseball club won 116 games and lost only thirty six in the early part of the two league system?

The 1906 Chicago Cubs were 116-36 (.762 percentage) which is the best record ever in MLB history. Unfortunately, the Cubs lost in the World Series that year but they did win the next year in 1907, starting their 114 season drought without a World Series win. Yes the Cubbies had a little dynasty going for them. At one point in the 1906 season they reeled off a 50-7 stretch that included a 26-3 streak in August.

What was the largest crowd to ever attend a World Series?

For a World Series game, that is 92,706 for Game 5 of the 1959 World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The three World Series games held in Los Angeles that year drew over 92,000 each and are the three highest attended WS games in MLB history.

Will the Arizona Diamondbacks ever bring Bob Brenly back?

As of July, 2007 Brenly is the color analyst on Chicago Cubs telecasts.

Who is the tallest player ever to play for the Chicago Cubs?

I believe it is Chris Volstad (2012 Starting Pitcher) who stands at a mighty 6'8".

Did Steve Garvey ever play for the Chicago Cubs?

No, he did not. Steve Garvey played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.