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Texas A&M has played the University of Texas in football 117 times. The Aggies have won 37 of those, with the most recent win occurring in the 2010 season.

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Q: When has Texas A M beaten the University of Texas?
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Is Texas A and M University part of the University of Texas System?

No. Texas A&M is in Texas A&M University system. It is completely separate from the University of Texas system.

How many times has Baylor university beaten the university of Texas longhorns?


What is the mascot of the Texas A and M University?

The mascot of the Texas A&M University is an American collie.

Name a college or university in Texas?

Texas A&M International University

What does a and m stand for in Texas A and M?

Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University

What is the University of Alabama's record against Texas A and M University?

The University of Alabama has 3 wins and 2 losses against Texas A & M University.

What college has the most pro football players from it?


Who is winning the Lone Star Showdown between Texas A and M and University of Texas?

University of Texas

Which university was fonded first the University of Texas or Texas a and m university?

Texas A&M University was founded in 1871, 12 years before the University of Texas was founded in 1883. This has been a source of conflict between the two colleges, as A&M students are upset that a school founded 12 years later would title itself THE University of Texas. To this day, Aggies call The University of Texas t.u., for Texas University.

Is it originally Texas University or University of Texas?

University of Texas, only dumb aggies say Texas university, as a poorly constructed insult since A&M is, itself, a Texas university.

Does Texas university have veterinarian school there?

No, Texas A&M University is the only University in Texas that has a veterinary school.

Why do Texas A and M and the University of Texas have a rivalry?

Texas A&M was the first university in the state of Texas. Usually the 1st university in the state takes on the name: University of (Whatever). So along comes The University of Texas and claimed that name (and the prestige that came with it), leaving A&M in the dust. Hence the rivalry. Their colors are different, too.

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