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on 24th of dec

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Q: When french children open their Christmas presents?
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When open American children their Christmas presents?

American children typically open their Christmas presents on the morning of December 25th. Some families may have different traditions or celebrations where presents are exchanged at other times during the holiday season.

When do the French Open there Christmas presents?

I think it is on xmas day

What did children do at Christmas in world war 2?

Open presents same as today

When do Italian peole open their Christmas presents?

They do not open their Christmas presents until January 6th.

Do children have special roles in Christmas?

Yes, their role is to be excited and open presents like animals

When do Japanese open their Christmas presents?

In Christmas.

In England do they open Christmas presents on Christmas Day?

In England people do open presents on Christmas day, the day after father Christmas has come

When do the Germans go to church at Christmas?

In Germany it is customary to open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

How do you know what your Christmas presents are?

You open them up on Christmas Day.

How many people will open Christmas presents this year?

There are no statistics for how many people will open Christmas presents this year, but it is safe to assume that it will be billions.

Why do kids open their presents on Christmas day?

It has been a tradition to give presents and to open them Christmas Day. It is also in celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.

When do french children open Christmas presents?

Traditionally, in northern and eastern France, the main day for giving presents was St. Nicholas' Day (Dec 6). That tradition is lost and it is by now customary to give presents on Christmas Eve.