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Q: When does us and Germany play us world cup?
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Who will the US play in the semi finals of the 2011 women s world cup for soccer?

The U.S.A played Germany.

Where is twenty 20 world cup in 2011?

June 11th. im not sure all of the teams that play on that day, but i know the US and Portugal play.

How far has the US gotten in the World Cup?

They reached the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2002 where they were defeated by Germany.

Who are the winners of the past women's world cup?

So far, the winners of the women's world cup are as follows: 1991: US 1995: Norway 1999: US 2003: Germany 2007: Germany 2011: Japan 2015: US

What was the year that the US played in the World Cup?

The US would have automatically qualified to play in the world cup since they were the hosting team.

How many teams did the US team play against in 1995 world cup?

None as there was no world cup in 1995.

Who do the US play in the world cup in 2010?

The U.s.A play England, Algeria, and Slovenia.

When did England play the US in the world cup this year?

Saturday 5th June.

Why didnt the us play in the world cup from 1950 to 1990?

They may not have qualified that why.

What teams are left in FIFA World Cup?

Germany and the US are still in, but Mexico is out

How many games did Ronaldo play for Brazil in the 1994 world cup in the US?

Ronaldo did not play in any games for Brazil in 1994 world cup, even though he was selected as a player.

What are facts about the world cup soccer team US?

They can't play......they need professionals