When does the soft spot harden?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: When does the soft spot harden?
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Is it abnormal for the front and top of a puppy's head to be soft?

When first born, it is normal for the top of a puppy's head to be soft. This is called the soft spot or fontanelle and is where the bones of the skull have not yet fused to facilitate the birthing process. Over the next few weeks the soft spot should harden and fuse.

Does the lava harden?

Actually, it does not. It is soft.

Have a soft spot for?

Answer Someone who has a soft spot for you probably wishes that you would ask them out, instead of wondering what a soft spot is.

Why is imprant not to let a baby be hit at the soft spot?

It is important because the soft spot is a place where the brain is unprotected so my hitting the soft spot there can potentially be brain damage.

How can you get an awesome guy to like you when he doesn't date your type?

all guys have a soft spot in their heart. im a guy and i have too many soft spots. find his soft spot then try to match his soft spot. it works.

What is the soft spot on your throat called?

the soft palet

What is calcifition?

its the calcum salts that build up soft tissue and causes it to harden

Do adults have soft spots?

An adult soft spot is usually a soft spot found on the side of the skull, instead of the fontanel that are found in an infant's skull. What the adult soft spot does, it actually supports the skull; avoiding a severe head injury.

Is mercury soft when made and harden quickly?

mercury becomes liquid at room temperature

What type of exercises for Men and Women can harden the body and get rid of the soft parts?


What is fonatel?

a soft spot on a baby's head

How do you make sand harden?

To make sand harden, first you need water. Without water, sand is very soft, and soft sand is horrible for making sand castles or any sand sculptures. But if you pour water on sand, then leave it alone for a few hours, it should harden all by itself. But even though the sand is hardened, it is not unbreakeable, so be careful.