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The commiittee meets once in July to review last year's tournament, once in December to plan for the upcoming tournament, once in February to stage a "mock" tournament, and then meet the Wednesday before Selection Sunday to start making their picks.

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Q: When does the selection process for the NCAA men's basketball tournament officially start?
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There are 65 teams selected to play in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. 30 teams are selected by winning their conference tournaments. The Ivy League conference winner is also selected even though they don't have a conference tournament. The other 34 teams are selected by the NCAA selection committee. The selection committee is made up of ten athletic directors and conference commissioners from Division I men's and women's basketball. With a mix of Major and "mid-major" schools being represented. Generally, any team in the top 25 is assured a seed in the tournament. Many of the teams not assured of a spot in the tournement do not know if they will be selected until the selections are announced on TV on Selection Sunday. The women's tournament selection process is basically the same as the men's selection process.

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