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The next nikebayer skates to be released will come out in April of 2009 they will be called the nikebauer vapor x:60 and they will start at about 500$.Visit to see a picture of them.

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Q: When does the new line of nike Bauer vapor ice skates come out?
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Does anyone know when the new line of hockey skates will come out to place the easton s15 or nike Bauer one 95 and what they will be called?

the se 16 and for nike Bauer i am not quite sure

What is pink in-line skates?

well pink and in-line are both adjectives and skates is a noun.

Can you call in-line skates as line skates?

No. They're "in-line" and you can't shorten that to "line." (Older folks still call them Rollerblades.)

Which brand of ice skates are good for an adult novice hockey player?

There isn't a simple answer to what brand is best for an adult novice hockey player. The main reason it isn't simple, is that skates have to offer excellent fit, and not everyone has the same shape feet. So the simplest answer is going to be the brand that fits a particular skater's feet best is the best choice . . . which isn't much of an answer. The best bet is to try on the major brand skates to figure out which one fits best. Bauer, CCM, Graf and RBK make the best skates on the market right now. Easton and Mission and Nike offer good skates as well. Outside of those brands, you're likely to find a lot of subpar quality skates. Make sure you're spending over $100 or you'll be buying recreational skates that look like hockey skates. The difference will be obvious the first time a slapshot hits your foot. (Broken feet suck). Within the brands there are often sub-models that fit differently as well. Bauer has the Vapor line and the Supreme line. The Supreme line fits a little wider and is more durable. CCM and RBK currently only offer one hockey line each which both fit the same, average width foot (RBK owns CCM). Graf has five or six different fitting skates The last part of Graf's model numbers indicate the shape of the boot. Easton's skates offer a moderate width fit, Mission skates are best for narrow feet and heels while Nike's have an average heel with a wide forefoot.

What is fuel vapor line?

fuel vapor line is common in the car fuel line

How many wheels are in in-line skates?

there are 4 wheels in an in-line skate

Does sand in the wheels of my in-line skates affect how fast they roll?


Where might one purchase Eddie Bauer luggage?

One might purchase Eddie Bauer luggage in an Eddie Bauer store. If you prefer to shop on-line you may also purchase luggage on the Eddie Bauer website. Other places to look on-line are Amazon and Kijiji.

Are in line skates faster than ice skates?

it depends. i have been in line skating since i was 7. it is still very hard for me to ice skate. but my friend crysta,who ice skate thinks it is easy to in line skate.

Where would one be able to purchase quad skates?

Quad skates are the old-style 4 wheel skates that are generally used at a skate rink. While being overshadowed by in-line skates, they are still available at most sporting stores.

What does the 3k mean in Reebok hockey equipment?

3k is a brand line, just like Bauer vapor (which is split up by V,VII,X,...) Generally, the higher the number, the better (and more expensive) the line is. K usually means 1000, so 3k means 3000.

Which search terms would you use if you wanted to find pages containing the word Wichita and the phrase roller derby but not the phrase in-line skates?

You would use: +Wichita +"roller derby" -"in-line skates"