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End of August

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Q: When does the football season begin in England?
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What months does football season run?

In England the football season starts in August and ends in early May.

When did notre dame football begin?

The first football season started in 1887.

When does the football season begin?

pre season starts in august and regular season starts in September

When does the 2010 NFL football season begin?

In September

When does the 2011 football season begin?

Next week.

When did Ohio state football begin?

1890 was Ohio State's first football season.

When will the college football 2009 season begin?

September 3

When is football season 2011 begin?

on September 8, 2011

When does season 4 of Supernatural begin in England?

September 10th

When does soccer season begin?

In England the season starts in August with the Community Shield charity game.

What Football teams begin with Y?

Here is a list of football teams in England that begin with Y. Yate TownYaxleyYeovil TownYork CityYork Railway InstituteYorkshire AmateurYorkshire MainYoung Warriors

When can an NCAA football team begin practice prior to the season?

sedegbb tu8

When does Monday Night Football begin in 2013?

The Monday Night Football schedule is set in April, and as such is not available at this time. The football season typically starts in late August, though, so one can expect Monday Night Football to begin then or shortly after.

How many days till the New York Giants football season begins?

They begin the regular season on 9/05/2012 against the Cowboys.

When will the 2012-2013 premier league football season start?

It has been confirmed that the 2012/13 season will begin on Saturday 18th August 2012

Where can the season's schedule for the American Football team The New England Patriots be found?

If you go to the website for the New England Patriots you can find all kinds of information about the team. One of these is the schedule for the games for this season.

Who has the broadcasting rights to spanish football in England?

Sky Sports currently owns the rights for La Liga football until the end of the 2012 Season

When does the 2014 NFL season start?

According to the National Football League, The season will begin on September 4th, and conclude in December leading up to the Super Bowl in Arizona.

What season is the best for football?

Football season

Which NFL football team has the best record?

2007 New England Patriots with a 16-0 regular season

When was the New England Patriots the football team created?

The Patriots first season was 1960. They were known as the Boston Patriots.

Where did Australian football begin?

The concept of Australian Rules Football began in Melbourne during the 19th century as a means for Cricket players to keep fit during the off-season.

What professional sports team nicknames begin with Q?

QPR for Queens Park Rangers, a professional football club in England

Does MIT have a football team?

They do. The Engineers play in the New England Football Conference, a Division III conference with eight schools in it. They finished the 2013 season with a 6-3 record.

What is the lowest ranked ncaa football team to begin a season go on to win a national championship?

Oklahoma in 2000 ranked 19