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After a shot.

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Q: When does the clock restart for the 3 second rule?
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what is difference between 2 second rule and 3 second rule?

One second.

In college football does the clock stop by going out of bounds?

Short answer: Yes, but a 2008 rule change allows the clock to restart on a referee's signal. This from the NCAA rules: Ball Out Of Bounds (Rule 3-2-5-a-12). When a ball is carried or fumbled out of bounds, the game clock will stop, as always. Beginning in 2008 the game clock will start on the referee's signal when the ball is ready for play, not on the snap. In the last two minutes of the half, however, the clock will start on the snap as before, preserving the ability of the offensive team to maximize strategic use of the clock.

What has 3 hands?

A clock or wristwatch (analogue) has 3 hands Hour Minute Second.

How many seconds does it take the second hand of a clock to move from 3 to 8?

each number on the clock represents 5 seconds, 8-3 = 5, then multiply by 5 to get 25 seconds.

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


What is the 3-second rule?

The 3 second rule refers to dropping a piece of food on the floor and if you pick it up within three seconds, it is still safe to eat.

On inbound pass with 3 tenths second on the clock can a shot be made?


What is 3 H's of a C?

"Three Hands of a Clock" (hour, minute and second hands).

What is clock speeed in a computer?

The "clock" is a signal that turns on and off many, many times a second. For example, if your computer has a "speed" of 3 GHz, that means that the clock signal goes on and off that many times (i.e., 3,000,000,000) times a second. The clock signal is used to synchronize the different parts of the computer. As a general rule, a higher clock speed means a faster computer - however, the speed of the computer also depends on several other factors, including the number of processors, and whether it has enough RAM for the tasks it is supposed to do.

A clock that loses 1 second every hour is more accurate than clock that is 3 seconds slow but keeps consistent time?


In general a clock that loses 1 second every hour is more accurate than clock that is 3 seconds slow but keeps consistent time?

Yes, a clock that loses 1 second every hour is more accurate because it consistently maintains the correct time; it would only be off by 24 seconds after a full day. The clock that is consistently 3 seconds slow would accumulate a larger error over time.

What is the 3 second plus rule in driving?

The 3 second rule (sometimes it's a 2 second rule) refers to the spacing a vehicle should maintain when following another vehicle, regardless of speed. The theory is that the faster the vehicles are traveling, the greater the margin of safety (spacing or distance) between the vehicles will be.