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A Baseball roster going from 35 to 25 will only happen during Spring Training. A Major League Baseball team can have as many players as it wants during Spring Training games including all members of its 40 man roster however as the year progresses closer to Opening Day, the team has to reduce the team to 25 players.

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Q: When does the baseball roster go from 35 to 25?
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Does a Major League Baseball roster size change for the playoffs?

The Major League Baseball roster size does size for the Playoffs since on September 1 the Major League Active Roster size is increased to 40 man from a 25-man roster however for all Playoff games the Playoff rosters will all go back to a 25-man roster however any Major League Baseball player that has been removed from a Playoff roster will not be subjected to transaction moves such as being demoted, designated for assignment, being outrighted to the minors, being traded or being released.

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At the beginning of spring training there are actually 40 men on a team, called the 40-Man Roster. This is the time that managers evaluate the players and allow them the chance to play ball with the big leaguers. After spring training is over, the manager must reduce his team to 25 men and decide who will stay and who has to go back to the minors.

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