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They have been out for a while now i play soccer and i see them alot and i just bought

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2009-01-11 21:01:45
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Q: When does the Nike 5 soccer cleats come out?
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How long do Nike soccer cleats last?

I have had multiple pairs of Nike cleats and they have never broke or started to break. In other words they will hold up for around 2-5 years

Where can you buy cheap cleats for soccer?

big 5 or any soccer store. there's 1 in Modesto that has good cleats, but they aren't that cheap.

What is the best Nike indoor soccer shoe?

nike 5 zoom

What are the release dates for How Do They Do It - 2006 Caviar Porcelain Soccer Cleats 5-19?

How Do They Do It - 2006 Caviar Porcelain Soccer Cleats 5-19 was released on: USA: 8 December 2011

What is the best soccer cleat for a defender?

Nike T90 Laser, Adidas Predator X, Nike Mercurial Vapor 5

Facilities for soccer?

Goals vary in size. You should probably start using the biggest goals when you are in higher elementry/middle school. You should also wear cleats with no spike in the very front-those cleats are for baseball. If you use those cleats in soccer, you might kick someone accidentaly with it. Soccer balls also vary in size. Size 3 is for the littler kids and size 5 should be for older kids. Have fun playin'!!!

What is sizes do soccer balls come in?

sizes 1-5

What sizes do youth soccer balls come in?

3, 4, and 5

How tall is Nike Clark?

Nike Clark is 5' 6".

How tall is Luigina Nike?

Luigina Nike is 5' 6".

Are there Nike Zoom Vomeros 5 for women?

Currently, Nike has come out with a more updated sneaker called the "Nike Zoom Vomeros 7" and this is available for women. You can find it at most footwear retailers, as well as online on sites like Zappos and Amazon. If you specifically want the Nike Zoom Vomeros 5, which are also made for women, a limited amount of sizes are still available on Amazon.

How may workers does it take to make a pair of Nike shoes?

5 people to make one nike shoe. 5 people to make one nike shoe.

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