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Sept. 7

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Q: When does school start after summer vacation?
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When does summer vacation ends in 2008 when school start after summer vacation?

June 12

When does the summer school vacation start in California?

June 12

Is it summer vacation for kids who go to schhol in India?

No they start school when we end school

When do kids start Summer vacation in US?

The time of Summer vacations for school kids in the United States varies from State to State. For the most part, Summer vacation from school begins in the late Summer.

When is summer vacation in elementary schools?

on may 26 i thank and when do elementary summer school start

When does the summer vacation start in the US?

Summer vacation dates vary with each state and even with each school district. Some places start summer vacation in mid-May while other places don't start until the end of June.

What day does middle school start summer vacation according to Obama?

I herd that Obama is going to take our summer vacation but something gives me an idea that we'll have vacation

When does new york city get out of school and start summer vacation?

june 26 2013

How do you write an essay about summer vacation?

school vacation

When does summer vacation in Spain start?

All of Europe goes on summer vacation in Aug.

When does the summer vacation start in Hawaii?

For the majority of public schools in Hawai'i, summer vacation starts the second week of June. School starts again the last week of July.

When does summer vacation start in Miami Florida?

When summer vacation begins in Miami, Florida will depend upon the school. Most colleges will have their classes finished by early to mid May.

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