When does pigeoto learn wing attack?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: When does pigeoto learn wing attack?
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When does zubat learn wing attack?

Zubat learns Wing Attack at level 17.

When does tailow learn wing attack in sapphire?

Tailow learns wing attack at lv.13

What level does pidgeotto learn wing attack?

Pidgeotto learns wing attack at level 27

What moves does Charizard learn at level 36?

wing attack

What level does zubat learn wing attack?


At what level does Pidgey learn wing attack?

Level 33

When does spearow learn wing attack?

In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Spearow is not able to learn the move Wing Attack. Spearow does however learn Ariel Ace at level 25 and Drill Peck at level 37.

What attacks does pidgeotto learn?

the best move is wing attack , fly , steel wing , peck

What moves can pterodactyl learn?

he can learn wing attack bite steel wing crunch hyper beam and giga impact i forgot the rest

What moves can pidgeotto learn?

Pidgeotto weighs 66. 1 pounds and can learn aerial ace, round, and wing attack. Pidgeotto can also learn quick attack, tackle, and return.

What level does Taillow learn wing attack?

i think its level 13 or more higher than that.

What attacks does Crobat learn?

Crobat learns wing attack and leech life . That is all I know .