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25 July - 11 August

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Q: When does olympic soccer start in 2012?
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When and where are the 2012 olympic soccer trials?


When do the Olympic start 2012?

July 27, 2012

Where will the 2012 Olympic torch start?

the 2012 olympics will start in London July the 25th

When are the olympic games start?

they are startin in 2012

When does the Olympic 2012 athletics start?


What day does the London 2012 Olympic games start?

July 27 2012 is the official start

When do the Olympic games start in London in 2012?

July 27, 2012.

What day does the Olympic 2012 start?

SUnday 30th july 2012

When start for the Olympic?

olympics games start at 31 juil 2012

Who were the past champions of soccer in the olympic games?

2012 - Mexico 2008 - Argentina 2004 - Argentina

What other country other than the US plays in the Olympic 2012 girls soccer team?


Which country is the first to start the parade in 2012 olympic?