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it starts October

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Q: When does kids baseball season start?
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When does fantasy baseball start?

Usually at the beginning of baseball season.

When baseball season start?


When is the start of baseball season?

End of March

When does the baseball season start?

1st April 2065

When does 2008 baseball season start?

April 3

When is season 8 of '19 Kids and Counting' starting?

TLC announced that Season 8 will start in late September 2011. If that is on the usual night (Tuesday), the new season will start September 27, 2011.

What does a baseball coach have to do?

They have to lead the team and help kids get better throughout the season

WHen does baseball season begin?

The start of the MLB baseball season is in early spring. The dates can vary but the season usually kicks off the last week of March or the first week of April.

When can the high school baseball season start?

Its gonna start in october and if it doesnt then April for sure

What age do kids in Cuba start to play baseball?

at the age of 7

When does the average baseball season start?

For Major League Baseball, spring training usually starts the third week of February and the regular season starts around April 1.

What month does the baseball season start?

Usually early April or late March.

When does baseball season start?


When does major league baseball season start?

Has begun the 5th of April 2009.

When does high school baseball season start?

at my school it starts march 2

When does baseball start again?

Spring training starts at the start of March while regular season starts at the start of April every year

Who was the president who started the tradition of throwing the first baseball to start the major league baseball season?

President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball of the season starting the tradition.

When does 2010 Major League Baseball season start?

On April 4th, Easter Sunday.

What month does baseball season start?

It depends on if you're talking about Spring Training or the regular season. Spring Training starts in late February and the regular season begins in April.

Why did the Oakland Athletics start their 2012 season in Tokyo?

To promote Major League Baseball overseas in a country where baseball is the national sport.

What is the most common season to have kids?

Well it really doesn't matter what season you have kids i suggest you have your kids in a season of your choice like summer :)

When did the Angels start playing baseball?

The Angels first season was 1961. They were known as the California Angeles.

How do you get babe Ruth in backyard baseball 2003?

Start a season and type Legends as the coach name

When does baseball season start and end?

it starts when you enter that field and it ends when you walk off that field

Anyone hit for the cycle in post-season Major League Baseball?

As of the start of the 2007 season, no MLB player has hit for the cycle in the postseason.