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Hockey never stops.

The two major forms, Ice Hockey and Field Hockey, are considered winter sports and therefore one is always being played somewhere at some time. International and post/pre-season games and tournaments often extend beyond the normal season to cover much of the remaining months.

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Q: When does hockey end?
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What do Hockey games sometimes end in?

Hockey games can end in a tie.

When did Hammarby IF Hockey end?

Hammarby IF Hockey ended in 2008.

When did National Hockey Association end?

National Hockey Association ended in 1918.

When did Roller Hockey International end?

Roller Hockey International ended in 1999.

When did World Hockey Association end?

World Hockey Association ended in 1979.

When did British Hockey League end?

British Hockey League ended in 1996.

When did Ice Hockey Superleague end?

Ice Hockey Superleague ended in 2003.

When does hockey season end?

Early April

How do you dis hockey?

you can't end of story.

Dhayanchand at the hockey.?

? I dont know exactly what you are asking, but they do shake hands at the end of hockey games.

When did Philadelphia Firebirds - ice hockey - end?

Philadelphia Firebirds - ice hockey - ended in 1980.

When did World Hockey Association - proposed - end?

World Hockey Association - proposed - ended in 2009.

When did Road Hockey Rumble end?

Road Hockey Rumble ended on 2008-03-31.

When did North Eastern Hockey League end?

North Eastern Hockey League ended in 2008.

When did Hamilton Tigers - ice hockey - end?

Hamilton Tigers - ice hockey - ended in 1925.

When did Montreal Junior Hockey Club end?

Montreal Junior Hockey Club ended in 2011.

When did Princes Ice Hockey Club end?

Princes Ice Hockey Club ended in 1914.

When did Pacific Coast Hockey Association end?

Pacific Coast Hockey Association ended in 1924.

When did Metro Junior A Hockey League end?

Metro Junior A Hockey League ended in 1998.

When does Bauer recall for hockey sticks end?


What is a 'hockey mom'?

a hockey mom is of course a woman that has children in a hockey program. a hockey mom is sometimes considered "tough" because hockey equipment bags are very large and heavy, and some games end up being FREEZING

When does the hockey season end?

it ends in the beginning of April and playoff teams end in may and June

When did Tim horton get married?

1952, at the end of the hockey season, after moving the date at least twice because of a hockey game!

Did Tim Horton get married?

1952, at the end of the hockey season, after moving the date at least twice because of a hockey game!

What prize do hockey teams compete for at the end of a season?

The Stanley Cup