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The official season starts in February, but they can scrimmage in the fall.

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Q: When does college softball start?
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What size softball is used in college softball?

i think it is "11" inch

Did women start the game of softball?

no the first set of people to start softball are men

Do any farm teams feed into professional softball?

College. Pro softball team get their players directly from a college draft.

How fast does a college softball pitcher pitch?

College softball pitchers, pitch anywhere from 50mph to about 70mph. But 70mph is about the fastest.

What size softball is used in college fast pitch softball?

12 inch

Which college has the worst lost in the softball college World Series?


Do you have to play competitive softball to play in college?

You do not have to play competitive softball to play in college. although it helps, most college coaches look for players from competitive teams. I would recommend it.

What did jennie finch go to college for?


What are women's softball bats made of?

aluminum if its college

Will you be a pro softball player someday?

The percentage of college players going on to play pro softball is .002%.

What is the average salary for a college softball coach?

In the United States, the typical annual salary for a college softball coach is $50,000. This can vary based on location, experience, and success.

How long is a college softball season?

College softball season is usually about three months in length. This includes the months March, April, May, and sometimes part of June.

What year did the American Softball Association start?

The Amateur Softball Association was founded in 1933

What do you have to do to become a college softball player?

You must have atleast a C average in your corses, and you need to be good softball player.

How many people are there in the outfield for college softball?


What sport did elisabeth hasselbeck play in college?


What is the Arizona college softball mascot?

Arizona Sundevils

Does jenny finch announce for college softball?


Do they have pro softball for girls after they get out of college?

pretty sure!

How for do college softball pitchers pitch from?

43 feet

How many innings in college softball?

7 innings

Do you have to play high school softball to get into college softball?

Not necessarily, most softball recruiting is done through travel/summer teams. Also, many softball programs are not that good and could be considered a waste of time.

What is the size of the ball for college softball?

It is 12 inches in circumference.

What is the Hawaii College softball teams name?

Rainbow Wahine

Who won the 2007 softball college world series?