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When the shooter release theball

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Q: When does a player enter the free throw lane after a free throw is shot?
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When can a player step in the lane on a free throw when the ball hits the rim or when the ball leaves the hand of the person shooting the free shot?

The free thrower or any player beyond the three-point arc may not enter the free-throw lane until the ball touches the ring/rim or backboard. However, all players who are lined up in marked lane spaces may enter the lane once the free thrower releases the ball.

In basketball is a foul and a violation the same thing?

Generally, the answer is no. For instance, a lane violation is not a foul. When a player is shooting a free throw, the other players underneath the basket are not allowed to enter the key until that player releases (shoots) the ball. If they enter the key before the player shoots the ball, that is a lane violation, and the player will shoot another free throw (unless he made the shot). Thus, a violation is not always a foul.

What is the big square on the free throw line do?

If you're referring to the "lane" or the "paint" it is the rectangle formed from the free-throw line, and perpendicular lines that extend from the ends of the free throw line to the endline. The official rule is that an offensive player cannot have any part of his body inside this "lane" for more than three seconds, otherwise a three-second violation is called. Also, when an offensive player is shooting a free-throw, no players can enter the lane until the ball hits the rim (High School rules).

If a player makes a free throw but his teammate commits a lane violation is it recorded as an unsuccessful free throw attempt or is it not counted as a shot at all?


When can you enter the lane during a free throw in high school basketball?

After the second shot when it bounces off the rim.

Can a player place a foot in the air inside the lane during a free throw?

i am about 85% sure that you can have your foot in the air across the free throw line. Ref Morgan

How many seconds in the free throw lane is a violation for an offensive player?

three seconds. Three in the key.

Does Lane Adams throw right or left?

MLB player Lane Adams throws right.

What is the lane in basketball?

The colored area under the free throw line.

What is lane shooting in basketball?

In basketball, lane shooting is taking shots from inside the free throw lane. This is usually difficult because of the number of defenders.

How long can a player stand in the middle of the free throw lane?

3 seconds for most leages but four seconds for children under grade 5.

What is the area from the end line to the free throw in line in front of each goal is called?

Generally, it is known as the key, and officially known as the free throw lane.

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