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Technically…. after one year.

A great example is wine. When 2009 bottles start to be offered, remaining bottles from 2008 will be considered "vintage 2008".

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Q: When does a flexible flyer sled become vintage?
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Flexible flyer sled what is the value of a 1960 Flexible flyer?

The price of a flexible flyer 1960 is currently 22.00 in the USA of 2011

How old is a 251j flexible flyer sled?


What is the average price of the Flexible Flyer sled?

The average price of a Flexible Flyer sled depends on its size. They are available in different lengths. For example a 48" sled currently costs about $73 at Amazon, whereas a 60" sled costs $119.99.

Where can one buy a Flexible Flyer sled?

A Flexible Flyer shed can be bought in any big department store or mall. Most likely, a Walmart, Canadian Tire or Winners has Flexible Flyer sleds in stock.

What is a Christmas sled used for?

A Vintage Christmas Sled can be used for a vintage decor at Christmas. Vintage Christmas sleds come in different sizes. They can be found at garage sales and estate sales and auctions.

What is your flexible flyer sled worth?

$50 to $1,000 depending on condition. I would say if the runners aren't rusted at least $200 and after that it is all cosmetic...

How much was a flexible flyer snow sled in 1920?

Depends on which model, they had models 1 through 5 ,which were different sizes 1 being the smallest, a racer model,a tuxedo racer for adults ,and a large 8 foot model.

What is 1901 radio flyer snow sled worth?

Radio Flyer ( toy manufacturer) was not in business in l90l , They made express wagons and scooters, not sleds to my knowledge. Perhaps you are thinking of the Flexible Flyer which was a sled- with a flexible undercarriage and a sort of T-bar or anchor shaped weight-shifting mechanism. These were made by a plant in the Philadelphia area ( maybe Philadelphia Toboggan, who also made amusement park rides!) and this plant also produced farm implements and the light-duty Planet, Jr. tractors- or so their building graphics said- the plant was visible from the Penn Central-Amtrak main line in the seventies- may very well have been torn down.

What is the time-line of accomplishments of the wright Brothers?

The Wright Brothers invented the Modern sled , the first Airplane called The Flyer,and they invented the bike.

How do you become a musher?

Well first you need to get a sled, then some sled dogs, move up to the arctic and enter a couple races to get your name out there. Once you have won some races you can get sponsored and then become proffesional.

What mens grooming appliance become a sled for santa in commercials for the sixties?

A Norelco electric shaver

How much sled racing trakes are there in club penguin?

4, if you are taking the quiz to become a tour guide.