When does Mercury harden?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: When does Mercury harden?
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Is mercury soft when made and harden quickly?

mercury becomes liquid at room temperature

Does the element mercury harden?

no it doesnt -_- Mercury will freeze (become a solid) at -38.83 degrees Centigrade or -37.89 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The present tense of "harden" is "harden." For example, "The clay hardens as it dries."

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Yes, harden is a verb.

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No. The word "harden" is a verb.

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"Harden" is the present tense. Ex. I harden the the cement by allowing it to dry. The past tense is hardened. The future tense is will harden.

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it will harden in a hot temperature

Do squishy buns ever harden?

yes after a while it will harden

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