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Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.

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Q: When does Canada celebrate Thanskgiving?
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Why do you celebrate Canada day and activities?

You celebrate it because it is the anniversary of the independence day of Canada.

What do Canadians celebrate?

they celebrate thanksgiving in october.

Did Greeks celebrate Thanksgiving?

No only the US and Canada celebrate it.

Why does Canada celebrate Labor Day?

To celebrate the achievements of workers

What day is Thanskgiving on in 2012?

Thursday the 22nd of November 2012.

What did Canada celebrate in 1967?

Canada 100th birthday

Does Canada celebrate their thanksgiving day as same as ares?

no they celebrate in october

Do Canada celebrate Easter?

yes they do

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Does Canada have a Fourth of July?

Canada has a similar day. They celebrate becoming a nation on Canada Day, which they celebrate on July 1.There is a 4th July where ever the Gregorian calendar is used.