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not tody :p

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Q: When does ASU play U of A in football this fall?
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ASU and U of A?

asu of course

Why is asu better than you of a?

One of the reasons why ASU is better than U of A is because there is a lot more things around ASU. Also, ASU has better sports teams. Although U of A is kown for their academics.

How do you identify a do?

u can play football

What is the seating capacity of Gophers Stadium?

The Minnesota Golden Gophers currently play football in the HHH Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. The football seating there is about 64,000. In the fall of 2009, the football Gophers will begin play in the new TCF Bank Stadium on the U of M campus. The football seating there will be approximately 50,000.

Do you need to play college football to play pro football?

Yes. U can sit out a year or to but if you don't play 1 season or more in colloge its a 99.9% chance u cant play in the nfl

Why is U of A better than ASU?

It really should depend on your major, but I am partial to ASU.

Why should you play football?

I think we should play football because u might need the exercise and it is a team thing which u could learn a lot about teamwork.

What are the main muscle groups used in football?

ur body genuis .. if u didnt have a body how could u play football .. u idoits !

Where can you get football pants that do not fall down?

u could try sport stores

How do u become a football player?

Join a local football team and if u play good u might get scouted and join a youth club then u have to do good to join the real team

Why is agility needed for football?

it really isn't.. that's doesnt matter what weight u are you can play football

Can you play football with a heart problem?

no, i have a heart problem and u CAN'T play contact sports.