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14 February - earliest report date for injured players, pitchers and catchers

17 February - earliest report date for all other players including World Baseball Classic position players

22 February - mandatory report date for all players

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Q: When does 2009 spring training begin for Major League Baseball?
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Major League Baseball on spring training?

yes there is

How long is Major League Baseball spring training?

Mom not sure but I think it's about month

When does Major league baseball start?

Well my good friend, spring training starts in April and the real season in May.

When does the average baseball season start?

For Major League Baseball, spring training usually starts the third week of February and the regular season starts around April 1.

When does 2012 spring training begin for major league baseball?

Spring Training begins on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 with one game, then an off day on Thursday. On Friday, March 2, 2012, Spring Training really boots up. The season begins early April, I believe on Thursday, April 5th.

Do preseason games count in Major League Baseball?

No. The preseason in MLB is known as Spring Training, and the results of those games don't have any effect on regular season records.

Where is the US winter baseball capital?

West Palm Beach, Florida is the US winter baseball capital. Many major league baseball teams hold their spring training at Roger Dean Stadium in West Palm Beach.

Did baseball ever allow 28 player rosters until May 1st?

Yes. In 1990, a lockout by Major League Baseball canceled much of spring training and pushed back opening day. Because of the shortened spring training, teams were allowed to keep 28 players on their roster until May 1.

How many pre-season games does a major league baseball team play?

Most major league teams play about 30 games during spring training. This number varies due to split squad games.

When does 2011 baseball season begin?

Opening Day is in the beginning of April. However, there are usually Spring Training games at the Major League stadiums if you just can't wait any longer!

What Major League teams once held Spring Training in the Dominican Republic?

Only one team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, held spring training in the Dominican Republic. They did it in 1948 when they were the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What does the Major League Baseball stand for?

major league baseball

What is meant by Major League Baseball?

major league baseball

When does the baseball roster go from 35 to 25?

A baseball roster going from 35 to 25 will only happen during Spring Training. A Major League Baseball team can have as many players as it wants during Spring Training games including all members of its 40 man roster however as the year progresses closer to Opening Day, the team has to reduce the team to 25 players.

How manny guy are on a baseball team?

40 total players. Only 25 players are on the active roster when spring training is finished. The remaining 15 are often reassigned to a the major league team's minor league team (the farm system).

What does it mean for a baseball player to be optioned?

A Major League Baseball team optioning one of their players means they are sending a player that is on their 40-man roster back to one of their Minor League Baseball rosters, players that are not on their 40-man rosters are not optioned to one of the team's Minor League rosters instead they will just be re-assigned to their Minor League rosters during Spring Training.

Major league baseball?

Yep, Major League Baseball or MLB.

Is Major League Baseball fake?

No. Major League Baseball is real.

What is major league basbeall?

major league baseball is the hightest baseball league with the best players

Is Major League Baseball softball or hardball?

Major league baseball is hardball.

Who owns the rights to the Major League Baseball Logo?

Major League Baseball.

Which Major League baseball team signed a contract with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox, reported to spring training, and was assigned to the Chicago White Sox farm team in the minors, the Birmingham Barons.

Who makes more money the National Football League or Major League Baseball?

Major league Baseball

What month and season is baseball played?

Major league baseball is played in the Spring, Summer and Fall in the US. It begins in March in recent years.

How many seams on a Major League Baseball baseball?

A major league baseball has one continuous seam.

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