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An approach wedge is simply another name given to a gap wedge, it usually has either 50 or 52 degrees of loft. It fills the gap between your sandwedge and your pitching wedge, you would use it if you are too far away to use your sandwedge, and too close to use your pitching wedge. You can use it for pitching, chipping and long bunker shots. As the approach wedge has a mid-wedge loft spin rates are rather high.

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An approach wedge is basically a gap wedge (50 or 52 degrees of loft depending on model) This wedge is used when you are at a yardage which is between your pitching and sand wedge. You can also use this club for pitching, chipping and bunker play.

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When my shot requires a little different trajectory than a pitching wedge or sandwedge, or the distance is between a PW or SW.

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Q: When do you use the approach wedge?
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What is a u wedge?

Utility wedge. Similar to a gap wedge or approach wedge.

What is the difference between a Nike Slingshot pitching wedge and the approach wedge?

The Loft. The approach wedge "A" is lofted between the pitching wedge "P" and the sand wedge "S"

What does the A mean on a taylormade wedge?

The "A" stands for "Approach". The loft is in between a pitching (P) wedge and a sand (S) wedge. Approach wedges are used for short, precise shots onto the green and are the same as Gap wedges.

What does AW Stand FOR Nike Slingshot?

Approach Wedge. Its between a pitching wedge and sand wedge.

What club is 52 degrees loft?

A gap wedge, an approach wedge or a utility wedge, the names vary by manufacturer.

What does the A stand for in taylormade a wedge?

It stands for "Approach Wedge" which is the same as a gap wedge and its loft is generally about 50 degrees.

What does the a in the taylor made a wedge stand for?


What is the loft of a Nike machspeed lob wedge?

46 degrees. the approach wedge is 50 degrees.

Is a sword a wedge?

No it is not but you can use it as a wedge but it is not appropriate use of a sword.

What degree is the Nike Slingshot Approach Wedge?

nike sling shot oss A wedge is 44 degree approach wedge. nike sling shot a wedge is 50-56 degree wedge also called a approach wedge but is really a gap wedge... the oss is the only club that has a 44 degree loft. nike is the only company to make this club

Is sword is a wedge?

No it is not but you can use it as a wedge but it is not appropriate use of a sword.

What does p mean on the head of a golf club?

This stands for Pitching wedge, a club with around 46-48 degrees of loft.