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after 9 games then after 11 games then 9 games then 11 and so on

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Q: When do you open a new can of tennis balls in a game?
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How quickly do tennis balls lose their bounce?

If you open a new can of tennis balls and leave them in the can without using them, it can take a week for the tennis balls to have a significant loss in their bounce. If you are using tennis balls daily, then it can be a matter of a couple of weeks to around three weeks until the tennis balls lose their bounce completely.

When to have new balls in tennis?

I believe there is a ball change every 9th game

Why do you use new tennis balls and not old tennis balls?

New tennis balls are considered fresh and not "flat". Old tennis balls exposed to play and air become flat and do not perform normally in a match.

When you open a new can of tennis balls do you need to use them right away?

NO whenever the next time you are going to play tennis is when you can use one

How many new tennis balls are given at a change of new balls?

6 new balls at each change over.

What the difference between old and new tennis balls?

Old tennis balls have been used before, causing them to be worn in. New tennis balls have never been used before and easier to play with. It takes experience playing tennis to be able to tell the differences in old and new balls while playing. Otherwise, you can just tell by sight. New tennis balls are a very bright neon color and very firm, where old ones are darker in color and usually have less fuzz on them. Older tennis balls may also be slightly deflated.

Which bounces higher a new tennis ball or an old tennis ball?

A new tennis ball will bounce higher. Old tennis balls are considered "dead."

Why do new tennis balls bounce higher than old tennis balls?

The polymeric materials in new tennis balls have a higher coefficient of restoration, so they tend to spring back into shape easier. With time and exposure to atmosphere, the compounds that keep the ball soft volatilize and leave into the atmosphere.

Are there different types of tennis balls for different surfaces?

Tennis balls are geared for different court surfaces. There are tennis balls specifically designed for clay, hard court, and grass court surfaces. Check on the outside of the tennis ball can for the type of court surfaces you should use them on. For example, some tennis balls are specificially made for clay court surfaces. Some tennis balls work on hard court surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Check out your local sports store for many different brands. You also want to make sure that the balls you are playing with are "flat". Tennis balls lose their air pressure after you play with them. You can keep them in a special pressurized tennis ball can, but these are not used very much anymore. Make sure to open a new can of tennis balls when you hit the tennis course for a match. In fact, this a rule in tennis tournaments and leagues. You can squeeze the tennis ball to determine if it is flat. If you can easily squeeze it then it is most likely flat. Or you can bounce the ball to tell. Old tennis balls should be thrown away if they have lost most of their fuzz as well.

How often do they change to new balls in tennis matches at Wimbledon?

Every nine games.

How many tennis balls do they use in a single match?

usually in the team tennis we use three balls but when it is professionalls they get a new ball almost every point so it really depends on the score usually in the team tennis we use three balls but when it is professionalls they get a new ball almost every point so it really depends on the score

Where is the US Open Tennis Tournament 2010 taking place?

The US Open is, as always, at the National Tennis Center in New York, NY.

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