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You get a save when you come in to close the game and the score is, at the most, 3 runs apart or fewer.

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Q: When do you get the save in baseball?
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How does a pitcher get a save in baseball?

A pitcher can get a save in baseball when his team is winning by three or less. It can be a 5 out svae or 3 out save. Sometimes there are other ways.

What does SV mean in baseball stats?

SV means save.

What does svo stand for in baseball?

SVO is short for Save Opportunities.

How to save pictures on major league baseball 2k6?

Try getting an SD card.

Who are the relief pitchers in major league baseball with a perfect save season?

Brad Lidge

What does SV stand for in baseball?

SV stands for save. If a closer pitches the final inning with his/her team in the lead and does not let the other team win, s/he earns a save.

How do you continue a season from the baseball game for PS2 called major league baseball 2K6?

you have to save it first, then when you want to play it again just load it

Who is the oldest pitcher to save a Major League Baseball game?

Satchel Paige at age 47 in 1953.

Will the xbox 360 arcade save major league baseball 2k9?

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Bi baseball stat?

Short form of RBI (runs batted in) used on box scores to save space.

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What Baseball Hall of Famer was nicknamed The Grey Eagle?

tris speaker you know you want those oodles save some for me!!!!!

When does a save happen in baseball?

When a relief pitcher comes in while leading & does not give up the lead when game concluded.

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