When do people deserve to be excluded?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: When do people deserve to be excluded?
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How is everyone ultimately hurt when some people are made to feel excluded?

Because the people who are not excluded do not benefit from the input of those who were excluded.

Why were the Newfoundland and First Nation People excluded?

Excluded from what? Your question is too vague.

Why are women offended of being called a minority.?

Minority are excluded people. No one wants to be excluded.

Do gay people deserve a chance?

Yes. All people deserve a chance. To think otherwise would be cold and heartless.

Why you must be tolerant to people?

because all people deserve tolerance, no matter how obnoxious and itinerant they are. even you deserve tolerance.

What group of people protested that this Declaration excluded them?


Do people deserve to speak?


What does God show us when He does not give us what we deserve?

You do not decide, what you deserve. God is deciding, what you deserve. God is absolutely just. Often he gives to people, what they don't deserve and it becomes a test for them.

Why people deserve respect?

They deserve respect because they have given you respect too. Respect is reciprocal.

What describes the difference between individual and public goods?

People cannot be excluded from using goods while they can be excluded from using individual goods.

You criticize people when they deserve it?

strongly disagree

Who are the people who deserve freedom?

The people that deserve freedom is everyone because everyone is born free and equal and we should all be treated equally and fairly.