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At the start of the the season. Every English team is in the FA cup. Most championship sides get knocked out early so you may have missed your

team play.

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Q: When do championship teams enter the fa cup?
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Which Cup is the biggest at football the FA Cup or the Carling Cup?

In the carling cup, only league 2, league 1 championship and premier league teams can compete but all English FA clubs can apply for the FA cup. I hope this helped.

What year did man utd not enter the fa cup?

1999-2000 because they were playing in the FIFA Club World Championship.

Can teams in the Blue Square Premier compete in the FA Cup?

Yes - they enter at the Fourth Qualifying Round stage.

What leagues take part in the FA Cup?

Any team can enter the FA cup they just have to apply to enter

How much do teams get in the fa cup?

About £25.

Who are the teams in the FA cup final?

chealsea vs postmout

Is there a group stage in the FA Cup?

No. The FA Cup is open to all league teams governed by the FA. There are a number of knock out matches played before we get to the first round.

What is always at the fa cup final but is never used?

The losing teams ribbons for the cup.

Who played in the 2008 FA Cup Final?

The two teams that played in the 2008 FA Cup final were Portsmouth and Cardiff City.Portsmouth won 1-0 and their first FA Cup in 69 years.

What happens to the community shield if the winning team of the fa cup are playing in the championship next year?

The community shield will still be between the Premiership winners and the FA Cup winners. It does not matter which league the FA Cup winners are in.

Will Torres play FA cup with Chelsea?

Yes. A player can only be excluded from the FA cup if they have already played in the cup as a member of 2 other teams or if they have a suspension.

Which player has won all of the following the FA Cup English Championship League Cup World Cup and European Cup?

Neri Castillo