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a Baseball bat use it`s hittig skills when on a game or on a fight.

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2013-06-19 09:15:47
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Q: When do bat use its hitting skills?
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What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

Does a corked bat help hit the ball better then a wooden bat?

A corked bat might help with hitting the ball a bit but because the mass of a corked bat is different then to a wooden bat that you would be hitting it with less mass witch means you won't be hitting that much home runs form a corked bat. plus the corked bat is illegal to use in professional baseball in America. so if you wanted more home runs don't use the corked bat.

How do you use a bat in cricket?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

How do you use a cricket bat?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

How do you save a lizard?

by hitting it with a bat!!

What is a stick used for hitting balls?


Is hitting with a super light bat bad?

using a light bat wont be challenging to yourself. coaches advice their players to use a heavier bat to increase upper body strengh.

What is the mood in Casey at the bat?

Hitting a homerun

What are the fundamental skills and technique in softball?

The fundamental skills required for softball (or baseball) are throwing the ball, catching the ball, hitting the ball with the bat, and running. There are far too many techniques to go into here.

How does the -10 on a softball bat reflect on hitting?

Kind of . Not necessarily . That number is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight . the larger the number, the faster the bat may be swung. I prefer to use a -11 personally . It's great bat speed.

Can you hit a baseball farther when hitting with a wood or metal bat?

You can hit farther with a metal bat.

What is a big bat?

A big bat is a player in the game of baseball who specializes in hitting home runs.

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