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Monday afternoons.

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Q: When do NCAA baseball polls come out each week?
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When do NCAA basketball polls come out each week?

The NCAA basketball polls are released each week on Monday. Both The AP and USA Today/ ESPN polls are available on the ESPN website at the Related Link.

When do college football polls come out?

The first college football polls come out weeks before the start of each season. The AP poll has been running since 1936.

What time does the new ncaa men's basketball rankings get released?

Typically, the AP and ESPN/Coaches Polls are released around noon each Monday.

When do the NCAA football rankings come out each week?

Sundays, 6:00 PM Eastern time

What NCAA school has won the most national championships?

Since AP Poll started (1936) and Coaches Poll (UPI, Espn, USA Today). Notre Dame has 8 Alabama, USC, Oklahoma each have 7. Though Bama, sc, Notre Dame have claimed Championships before polls started. For NCAA Men's Basketball it is UCLA with 11

How many NCAA athletes are there each year?


What time do the polls in the 2008 US elections close in each state?

in one week

How many timeouts are allowed in an NCAA game?

10 for each halve for each team

Why isn't NCAA basketball on the Wii?

Because Nintendo and the National Collegiate Association of American (NCAA) do not have an agreement with each other, so Nintendo can not sell anything NCAA Licensed.

How many times have duke and north Carolina played each other in the NCAA tournament?

They have never played another in the NCAA tournament

Are there quarters or halves in ncaa football?

There are four quarters with a halftime period that follows the second quarter in ncaa football.

Have UNC and Duke ever played each other in the NCAA tournament?

no, they have not.

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