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Roughly a week before the Season Starts.

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Monday afternoons.

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Q: When do NCAA baseball polls come out each week?
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When does the weekly AP college football poll come out?

The first college football polls come out weeks before the start of each season. The AP poll has been running since 1936.

What time do newest college basketball rankings come out?

The NCAA rankings come out every Monday for Basketball. 1:00 pm eastern time on Sundays for football

Why isn't NCAA basketball on the Wii?

Because Nintendo and the National Collegiate Association of American (NCAA) do not have an agreement with each other, so Nintendo can not sell anything NCAA Licensed.

What time do the polls in the 2008 US elections close in each state?

in one week

How many times have duke and north Carolina played each other in the NCAA tournament?

They have never played another in the NCAA tournament

How many people fill out a ncaa bracket each year?


How many games are played in ncaa bskaetball session?

42 each

What was the payout for each team in the 2011 NCAA basketball tournament?


What was each champions teams ranking as the entered the NCAA tourney?

1,5, 69

What 2 NCAA football teams have played each other the most?

Yale and Harvard

How many teams have made the NCAA tournament each of the past 4 years?


How are points and ranking determined in college football?

Rankings are determined by different "POLLS", the NCAA Coaches poll and the Associated Press (AP) Poll. Generally, most media outlets accept the coaches poll as the official ranking, and when you see a ranking on a televised game, it's the coaches poll rank. When you say points, I'm assuming you mean the BCS point system. The BCS takes several polls into consideration to include a computer polls. It averages these polls and assigns a weight (think point scale) to the average. It then adds for losses and strength of schedule. The team with the best (lowest) score gets ranked the highest. The two highest at the end of the college season are ranked 1 and 2 and play each other in a major Jan bowl.