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Thursday, August 9. 19:45

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Q: When do Japan and US women play in Olympics 2012?
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How many teams play basketball in the Olympics?

In 2012, there will be twelve teams for men's basketball in the olympics. There will be twelve women's teams in the 2012 olympics, all competing for the gold medal.

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Afghan female boxers hope to compete in 2012 Olympic taekwondo Women's boxing Nasir Hakimi

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=1800000 Women play at the Olympics990000 Men play at the Olympics=

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What do women do in the Olympics?

they used to play naked

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When the sporting activies will play in London?

Olympics will begin in 2012

Does Ireland allow men and women to play in the Olympics?


What are the games India play in Olympics 2012?

all gamesarcherybadmintonshootingboxingrowingtable tennistennishockey

What is the name of the athlete who is going to play in the London 2012 Olympics?

your balls

Where are they going to play the Olympics games 2012?

I think they said England