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i fink it was yesterday or today i cant seem to find out all i no its on the internet and 250 thousand log on to watch it

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Q: When do England play the chech republic?
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What couple was terrorized then murdered in the Chech republic?

It is a French film named "them"

What is Czechoslovakia now called?

Czechoslovakia is now divided between the Chech Republic and Slovokia.

Which country borders Germany?

France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Chech Republic, and Poland

Who won the match between Germany and Prague for third place2010 fifa world c up?

Germanynever played the chech Republic as they did not qualify this time.

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Erg Chech is a sandy desert and is located in Mauritania.

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Is Queen Elizabeth the president of England?

No. She is the queen of England. England does not have a president. It is a monarchy, not a republic.

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When and where was baseball player Charlie Chech born?

Charlie Chech was born April 27, 1878, in Madison, WI, USA.