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Yes, in the 70's

1976 Three for two rule introduced to allow players fouled in the act of shooing to attempt a third fouls shot if either of the first two attempts miss.

There was also a 2 for 1 rule during that time. All defensive fouls were awarded a free throw or free throws. If a one shot foul was called and the defensive team was in the penalty situation, the shooter was awarded 2 shots to make 1.

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Normally the only time you see a player get 3 free throws are after a player is fouled while shooting a 3 point shot and misses. There have been a lot of situations where 3 or more free throws are shot after multiple technical fouls or combinations of technical, flagrant and personal fouls.

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16 or 18

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Q: When did you start shooting 3 foul shots for getting fouled on a 3 point shot?
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How many shots do you take if you are fouled when shooting?

If the shot was unsuccessful, two if he was in the 2 points ratio or 3 if he was shooting for 3 points. If the shot was successful, the player gets one free throw regardless of whether it was a 2 point or 3 point shot.

What is given if you are outside the 3 point line and fouled on the act of shooting?

if your in the act of shooting you get 3 shots but if your not in the act of shooting the clock is stopped and there is a throw in

How does a referee in basketball determine how many free shots are awarded when a player is fouled when shooting?

A regular foul is two shots per trip. However, When a person fouls extra hard, and the ref calls a flagerant, the person fouled gets three shots, or, if not in the mode of shooting, gets two shots and the ball. When a person is fouled and makes the shot, they get one free throw. When a technicam foul is called, the player with the best free-throw percentage on the team gets one shot.

What constitutes a foul in the act of shooting If your hand or arm is touched after the shot is released but the shooter is still in the air is it a foul?

If you are slapped or held in the act of jumping or shooting, you will take 2-3 foul shots. 3 if you are fouled outside the 3 point arch.

What is foul shot?

A foul shot is a shot that a player is granted if he/she is fouled while shooting the ball. It is shot from the freethrow line. If the player made his/her shot, then they get one, if he/she missed they get two, and if they are fouled while shooting a three-pointer, they get three freethrows, or foul shots