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Yellow tennis balls replaced white tennis balls because the Lawn Tennis Association decided that the white balls were difficult to see. You can still buy white balls nowadays at, which is the leading modern and easiest seller for white tennis balls for sale to reach in America and internationally.

According to, the first use of yellow tennis balls was in 1986 to make easier viewing on television. Wilson has always been making the white balls for lawn tennis which can be ordered online occasionally. But before the company started selling in 2007, the white ball market was shut down for decades for most common use and is still quite rare. The only tennis balls that can be used in professional tennis is the neon and white, so it technically hasn't been changed within the rules of tennis.

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Q: When did yellow tennis balls replace White tennis balls at Wimbledon?
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When did yellow tennis balls replace White tennis balls?

Yellow tennis balls are supposedly easier for the umpire to see if the ball was to land inside or outside of the boundary lines.

What is the colour of dress who playing tennis in Wimbledon?

All players must wear white at Wimbledon.

Why do players wear white at Wimbledon?

It's an old tennis tradition. Wimbledon is only current tournament with a white-only rule.

What colour do you wear while playing tennis in Wimbledon?

Traditional white.

Can you wear color during Wimbledon tennis championship?

No only White

In what sport do the players wear all white?

Tennis at Wimbledon and Test cricket

What year did yellow tennis balls replace white?

Coloured balls came in when colour television came in. Mal.

Does Kate Middleton play tennis?

yes she does play tennis at Wimbledon wearing a white layered dress

In the Rule Book of Tennis what are the two colors of tennis balls that can be used?

yellow or white

What colour dress would players wear for Wimbledon tennis?

White, of course. Anything else and they won't let you on the court.

Why is a tennis ball yellow?

The tennis ball is yellow because of the felt on the outside of the balls. The words on the tennis ball you may see on the yellow felt is just letters people wrote in black ink. That is why the tennis ball is most likely to be yellow!---------------------They used to be white but the color yellow is easier for the players to see.Thanks for letting me answer!!Emily

When colour tv started is not an answer to your question i asked when yellow balls replaced white in tennis?

That is exactly why they changed the color of tennis balls...