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The 1928 summer Olympic Games was the first time the sport of Track and Field offered events for women. There were five events available to women participants.

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Q: When did women start track and field?
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When did Jackie Joyner start track and field?

Joyner-Kersee attended college at the University of California at Los Angeles, where she starred in both track & field and in women's basketball from 1980-1985

What has the author Kenneth Dayton Miller written?

Kenneth Dayton Miller has written: 'Physical education activities for college men and women' 'Track and field for girls' -- subject(s): Sports for women, Track and field, Track and field for women

Black women that do track and field?

Wilma Rudolph

Which school has the most ncaa women track and field championships?

I dont know but I love track and field myself.

What year did track and field start?

775 BC

When and where did track and field start?

Ancient Greece, their pentathlon's.

What are the three types of start in track and field?

Standing start and the three point start

What is a fall start in track and field?

The fall start is the"waterfall" start for distance running.

Crouch start races in track and field?

it is better than thestanding start

What has the author Alice Willetta Frymir written?

Alice Willetta Frymir has written: 'Track and field for women' -- subject(s): Track and field

Fastest 800 time in track and field for women?

The Fastest time for women is 1.53.42 sec.

What are three types of starts in track and field?

Standing start and the three point start

What is 3 main category in track and field?

track and field track and field

What does a marksman do in track and field?

a marksman fire the gun for the races to start

Who are the starters of track and field?

The people who fire the gun to start the race.

Where did the true development of track and field as a modern sport start?


How many national championships had lsu won in all sports?

Baseball: 6 Men's Basketball: 1 Women's Basketball: 0 Football: 3 Men's Golf: 4 Women's Golf: 0 Women's Gymnastics: 0 Women's Soccer: 0 Softball: 0 Swimming and Diving: 0 Men's Tennis: 0 Women's Tennis: 0 Men's Indoor Track and Field: 2 Women's Indoor Track and Field: 11 Men's Outdoor Track and Field: 4 Women's Outdoor Track and Field: 15 Volleyball: 0 Total: 46

When track and field start and where did it originate?

It started in Ancient Greece. There were track and field events such as the race (about 190m), discus and marathon. It was about 3,000 years ago

What sort of sport do the Australian women play for the federation cup?

tennis and track and field.

Who won three gold medals for women's track and field in 1960?

Wilma Rudolph

When did the track and field events start?

Three years before the Challenger exploded.

What are the two types of starts in track and field?

its the standing starts and the kneeling start.

When does track and field starts?

During an olymoics the track and field events always start around the middle as the first few days are mainly swimming and other events.

What has the author Adrianne Blue written?

Adrianne Blue has written: 'Queen of the Track' -- subject(s): Women track and field athletes, Biography 'Field Athletics (World of Sport)' 'Martina' -- subject(s): Women tennis players, Biography

What Australian women have won gold medals in track and field?

sally pearson and cathy freeman