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Click on the 'History of Women's Football' link on this page to read the history of women's football in the United States.

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Q: When did women start playing professional football?
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Did women ever play professional football?

yes, they do Click on the 'Women's Professional Football League' link on this page to read the history of women in professional football.

Average salary for a professional women's football player?

what is the average pay of professional women football players what is the average pay of professional women football players

How much do ladies footballers get paid?

Women get paid around about £40 a day for playing women's professional football.

Can girls play pro football?

There is a professional womens league currently playing in the US called the IWFL. Also no major professional leagues have rules against women playing, but no women have ever played for any of them.

Are women currently playng professional football or baseball?

In Candada there is no professional women's football or baseball.

When was Women's Professional Football League created?

Women's Professional Football League was created in 1999.

Can a girl play professinal football?

There is no rule in professional football that precludes women from playing. However, no woman has made a NFF roster - yet.

What percentage of women play football?

0% of women play professional football.

What is the average salary for women's professional football?

Silly goose, women can't play football

How much do professional women rugby players make?

At the moment, none. Rugby League Women players just begun playing rugby. Not like men, who have been playing at the start

What is the name of the Fort Wayne Women's tackle football professional football team?

They are the Fort Wayne Flash who have been in existence since 2007 and play in the Women's Football Alliance.

What forms of inequality and discrimination did women face in the professional world?

There are many forms of inequality and discrimination that women face in the professional world. One of these inequalities is the ability to play professional football.

Where was kelly smith's first professional football club?

England's Kelly Smith moved to the United States in time for the start of the 1997 American soccer season, claiming "women's football in England is a joke". Her first professional team was the New Jersey Lady Stallions of the W-League.

When did women's football start?


Why is it bad for girls to play in the NFL?

It is not that it is bad, it is just that men are usually stronger than women. Men are usually faster than women. The NFL is a game of strength and speed. The NFL was designed for men. There is a professional league for women called the Women's Professional Football League. They have been playing since 1999. Click on the "WPFL" link below to read about them.

Why is football lingerie so popular among young women?

Football lingerie is so popular among young women because it is the first time that women have played the sport of football in any sort of professional atmosphere.

Why women should definitely not play games like cricket and football.?

Women can play whatever sport they like. I am a women and I love playing football.

Does women play professional football?

no they dont play professional but they do play in teams fro goals in school or for fitness

When did women start playing volleyball?

Women started playing Volleyball probably shortly after the men

When did women start playing tennis?

women sarted playing tennis in the late 1900's

When did women play in professional baseball leagues?

There was a women's professional baseball league between 1943-1954 called the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Click on the 'AAGPBL' link on this page to go to their website to read the history of women playing professional baseball.

Why did women quit playing in professional baseball leagues with men?

they didnt

Why do professional men soccer players get paid more than professional women soccer players?

Because mens football is more established than womens football. Womens football is not as big in England as it is in America and unfortunately it probably never will be

Does girls playing football effect women rights?

It is a total misconception that playing football effect women rights. Rather, this would strengthen their physical and mental set up and assist them in the long run.

What professional sports were played during World War 2?

women took over playing professional baseball at the time