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the first recorded female hockey game was in 1892 in Barrie, Ontario.

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Q: When did women start playing hockey?
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Why did women start to play hockey?

Women began playing hockey because hockey is an incredibly enjoyable game to play.

When did women start playing ice hockey as a competitive sport?


Where did women start playing hockey in the Olympics?

In Nagano, Japan. The 1998 winter olympics.

When did Scott Neidermayer start playing hockey?

Scott started playing hockey in 1988.

What year did Alexander ovechkin start playing hockey?

he started playing hockey at the age of 7.

When did jordin tootoo start playing hockey?

Jordin TooToo started playing hockey when he was 2.

At what age can you wear a hockey visor?

The same age you can start playing hockey.

When did they start letting women play ice hockey?

The first recorded organized women's hockey game was in 1892. But my guess is they always let women play ice hockey.

When did Hugo inglis start playing hockey?


When did Bobby Orr start playing hockey?


When did Reberto Luongo start playing hockey?

when he was young

What year did Montreal start playing hockey?


When did Roberto luongo start playing hockey?


When did Sidney Crosby start playing hockey?

when he was 2- 3

What age did Gordie Howe start playing hockey?


Why did Sidney Crosby start playing hockey?

because he wanted to

When did professionals start playing hockey for the us in the Olympics?


When did Marc-Andrรฉ Fleury start playing hockey?


When did females begin playing ice hockey?

There are photos of women using ice hockey equipment from 1890. The first women's ice hockey games were played in the late 1890s/early1900s.

When did women hockey start?

There is no such thing as women's hockey. It is merely a fixed spectacle created to give women the idea that they are equal. The women's hockey teams roll a dice to decide the olympic gold medal winners, silver, etc..

Where did Wayne Gretzky start playing hockey?

Brandtford, Ontario, his hometown.

Why did people start playing the sport of hockey?

Boredom, curiosity and ingenuity.

What year did Willie O' Ree start playing hockey?

in 1958

When did girls start playing hockey?

since he was 3 years old

When did females begin playing field hockey?

Exactly when is hard to tell, but the first women's field hockey club was founded in 1887. The first women's field hockey national association was in Ireland in 1894.