When did undertaker devorce?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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November 2008 Yes, Undertaker and Sara have divorced and they have not recently had a child their youngest was born in 2005. He is dating Michelle McCool. WWE did not ask Taker cover the tatoo, Taker is having it taken off himself because of the divorce, it was in an article that WWE did in their magazine on Taker. They are divorced and have been for almost a year now. Whatever, you can believe what you wana belive but I'm not changin my opinion. To the asker of this question, i believe that they haven't divorced, but you decide because I'm not forcing you to belive me.

November 2008 I am not forcing them either, but I know for a fact that they are divorced becauese Mark himself is the one that told they were.

He said that? Really. I don't believe that. When did he say that?

November 2008

Don't care if you don't believe it. I asked him at one of the shows back in June and he said that they were divorced that they had tried everything to work it out but could not. Believe or don't, doesn't change the fact that they are divorced.

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Taker and Sara divorced in 2007

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Q: When did undertaker devorce?
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