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Q: When did the wannse conference take place?
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Where did the 1921 Conference take place?


Where did the Berlin Conference take place?

In Portugal

Where did the first world conference for women take place?

First conference on women took place in 1975 at Mexico city

When is the Ministers' Conference at Hampton University?

This years conference is to take place June 1-6 2012.

When did the Wansee Conference take place?

January 20, 1942

Where did the 1995 World environmental conference take place?


How did the Africans take place in the Berlin conference of 1894?

The Africans took no place in the Berlin conference. There were 14 European nations there but no African tribal leaders were present.

When will the Israel Conference take place and where in LA?

The Israel Conference 2010 will take place on June 3, 2010 in the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard. More information on The Israel Conference, including speakers, participating firms, and location are available at the link below.

Did the Yalta conference take place during Truman's presidency?

no it took place during roosevelts presidency

When did the wannsee confrence take place?

The wannsee conference took place on January 20, 1942 ;D

When did the wannsee conference take place and what was planned there?

february 4-11 1945

Where and when did three important meetings conferences leading the creations of Canada take place?

Quebec Conference, October 1864. Charlottetown Conference, September 1864. Quebec Conference, October 1864.